What is Bright Blue?

What is Bright Blue?

Bright Blue is an independent think tank and pressure group for liberal conservatism. It was first formed in 2010 by Ryan Shorthouse and a group of policymakers and campaigners who were passionate about applying liberal conservative ideas and insights to tackle the major economic and social problems of the modern day.

Today, we are a respected and leading think tank - as well as a membership organisation - which delivers an extensive programme of research, publications and events. Our thinking and ideas have had significant influence on public debate and government policy.

For us, liberal conservatism translates into eight key principles:

Optimism about human potential. All individuals, no matter their background or identity, can flourish in life with the right support.

Social Justice. Policy should focus on empowering the most deprived, here and abroad. We believe life changes are maximised by supporting children in the early years and at school. 

Evidence not ideology. Politicians and policy-makers should be open-minded to new thinking, applying solutions to major public policy problems on the basis of good ideas rather than tired ideology.

A mixed and sustainable economy:  Markets are the best way of allocating resources, including in the commercial sphere and in public services. But markets can be inefficient and inequitable, so government and social institutions have an important role to play. Environmentally, socially and financially responsible industries and individuals should be encouraged.

Strengthening social institutions: Individuals learn from and are supported by enduring social institutions such as the family and schools. These institutions need cultivating and modernising to accommodate increased diversity in the modern world.

Human Government: Government should put the person before the process, with responsiveness and relationships at the heart of service delivery.

Powerful citizens: We believe political action has the potential to bring positive change. We need to create and revive routes for citizens to take control of the politics that affects their lives, locally and nationally

Enthusiasm for the future. Democratic institutions, an open society, a market economy and innovation have led to progress in our society. When the foundations of a liberal society are strong, we can be excited and hopeful about the future.


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Bright Blue is an independent think tank and pressure group for liberal conservatism.

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