Summer 2011

Summer 2011 Policies

Each season, Bright Blue will be campaigning for key policies to be adopted by the Government, which fit with our core aims and address the pressing issues of the day. We join other organisations from across the political spectrum in pushing for urgent implementation of these desirable, credible policies.


Reduce the tax burden on low and middle income workers

The Coalition Government is committed to making gradual steps towards raising the personal tax allowance to £10,000 over the life of this parliament. Welcome steps have already been taken towards this goal. To help increase the purchasing power of low and middle-income workers, to assist growth and better guarantee fairness, as soon as the Government is in a position to do so, it should reduce the tax burden on lower and middle income workers.


Provide sufficient support for parents with childcare costs

After reducing government tax credit support available to low and middle-income families with their childcare costs in April 2011, it looks likely that the Coalition Government will reduce the support available for childcare costs even further with the introduction of the Universal Credit in 2013. With childcare costs continuing to rise above inflation each year, childcare could become unaffordable for many families with declining state support. This would deny children, especially from more deprived backgrounds, the opportunity to access life-changing pre-school education. And it could reduce especially female employment, harming gender equality and endangering economic growth. We’re calling on the Government to take steps to ensure formal childcare remains affordable for all.

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Protect Sure Start Children′s Centres

Before forming the Government, David Cameron pledged to maintain the existing network of Sure Start Children′s Centres. This is because robust evidence shows that effective health and education interventions in the early years of a child′s life deliver the greatest opportunities to enhance life chances. But there is a danger in the current climate that many Children′s Centres will close. We want the Coalition Government to take steps to ensure adequate investment in Sure Start so Children′s Centres can remain open and thrive. It is a sure way to help boost social mobility and reduce public expenditure in the long-term.

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