The Modernisers' Manifesto

Ryan Shorthouse, Kate Maltby and James Brenton

April 2014

Conservatives have a good story to tell. The economy is growing. The public finances are being restored. Finally, living standards are rising again. And reforms to our public services – especially in education and welfare – are proving effective and popular.

Modernisers have long argued for the Conservative Party to offer a positive and distinctive policy agenda. The focus should be on conveying economic competence, managing and improving public services, supporting those on modest incomes, and being representative and supportive of modern Britain.

In The Modernisers’ Manifesto, a broad group of influential politicians and opinion formers from the centre-right of British politics outline how the Conservative Party can demonstrate credibility and fresh ideas to convince the electorate that they need a second term in government to make Britain a fairer nation with a stronger economy and high-quality public services.

"Bright Blue keep alive the flame of Tory modernisation"
The Independent, April 2014

"Modernising Toryism now has a home and an HQ for the next generation of Conservatives"
Matthew d'Ancona, Columnist, April 2014

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Tory modernisation 2.0: the future of the Conservative Party

Ryan Shorthouse and Guy Stagg

January 2013

The modernisation of the Conservative Party is an unfinished project. As such, the Tories failed to gain a majority in the 2010 General Election. Now, halfway through the current Parliament, a stagnant economy and the nature of Coalition with the Liberal Democrats has undermined the modernisation project. It’s time to give it a reboot.

In Tory modernisation 2.0: the future of the Conservative Party, a collection of influential modernisers – including politicians, activists, journalists and policy-makers – set out a new vision and radical policies to ensure the Conservative Party and Britain flourish in the years ahead.

The second wave of modernisation needs to focus much more on supporting those on low and middle incomes, who are still sceptical of the Tory brand, with the cost of living and improved public services.

"Tory modernisers are launching a renewed campaign. It is overdue"
The Economist, January 2013

"A deep intellectual genepool for the Conservative Party's future"
ConservativeHome, January 2013

"Bright Blue, a modernising pressure group regarded as David Cameron's natural ally"
The Independent, January 2013

"Many of the contributors make admirable efforts to ensure that their political and social analyses and the policy prescriptions that they come up with are rooted in empirical research"
Professor Tim Bale, Queen Mary University, February 2013

Click here to download the book as a .pdf 


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