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Bright Blue has  launched a new report entitled Understanding how ethnic minorities think about immigration, outlining how ethnic minorities view the purpose of the immigration system, which types of immigrants should be let into the UK, the impact of immigration, and their views on the integration of immigrants.

Commenting on the report, co-author and Director of Bright Blue, Ryan Shorthouse said:

“Electoral support for the Conservative Party among ethnic minority groups is rising, but is still low in comparison to the Labour Party. The Conservative Party’s approach to immigration plays a role in shaping the political attitudes of ethnic minorities, who will continue to represent a bigger proportion of the electorate in the years ahead.

As with the rest of the population, ethnic minority groups want an immigration system that is well managed, keeps out illegal immigrants and admits people into the UK who will contribute economically and socially. But ethnic minorities also have distinctive views on immigration. Compared to the rest of the population, they are less likely to prioritise reducing the number of immigrants as a policy goal, more likely to be welcoming of different types of immigrants, more positive about the impact of immigration on Britain, and more likely to believe that immigrants are integrating well. Our polling finds that a clear majority of immigrants themselves are proud to live in Britain.

It is not in the long-term interests of the Conservative Party to pursue a policy agenda on immigration that predominantly focuses on caps and clampdown. It needs a balanced approach. A strong narrative that is positive about the contribution most immigrants make to Britain. And a policy agenda that, yes, tackles abuse and illegal immigration, but is also much more welcoming of those who will enrich our economy and society”.