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Ryan Shorthouse, Executive Chair of Bright Blue, responded to the 2024 General Election result:

“The electorate has evidently expressed their deep disappointment with fourteen years of Conservative-led Governments. The Tory defeat has little to do with their political positioning or philosophy. Rather, it is to do with not delivering on the primary issues the public care about.
“In the 2010s, enough of the public were willing to vote for the Conservatives on the basis of the promises they made, namely repairing the public finances and getting Brexit done. But in the middle of this decade, after a long period in office, the public were predominantly judging the Conservatives not on their promises, but their delivery. And the conclusion was clear.
“Starmer has won an historical supermajority following the historical stonking majority won by Boris in 2019. It is palpable that the public are becoming more demanding and less tribal about politics, meaning increased volatility in voting and competition at elections. Labour will need to deliver quickly.
“Too many people at the top of politics spend too much time thinking about clever positioning or policies, rather than on the much more difficult job of delivering sustained improvements in a service or an area. Doing this requires serious focus on organisation and evaluation instead of public relations.
“So Starmer needs to appoint people to government who have successfully created and run organisations, rather than those who are just good at public relations. The Tories did too much of the latter.
“For the rest of this decade, it is vital that moderate politics delivers via this new Labour Government.  The wolf is at the door. The public need to see that politicians that are compromising, moderate and pragmatic can deliver improvements to private incomes and public services.”


 Notes to editors:

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  • Bright Blue is the independent think tank and pressure group for defending and improving liberal society.
  • Bright Blue’s Board includes Diane Banks, Philip Clarke, Alexandra Jezeph, Richard Mabey and Ryan Shorthouse.
  • Our advisory council can be found here. We also have 228 parliamentary supporters. Members of our advisory council and our parliamentary supporters do not necessarily endorse all our policy recommendations, including those included in this press release.

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