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Commenting on the 2015 General Election results, Bright Blue’s Director, Ryan Shorthouse, said:

“Undecided and wavering UKIP and Liberal Democrat voters switched to the Conservative Party in the final moments of the election to give it a majority. But their impressions of the parties and their leaders were cemented long ago, and that’s why they voted Conservative in the end. Conservatives have been seen to be broadly successful on sorting out the economy. David Cameron has long been seen as the strongest leader, and a reasonable and modern conservative.

David Cameron’s leadership and modernisation of the Conservative Party have been vindicated. He has, rightly, delivered a broad and balanced policy programme, from offering a referendum on EU membership to legalising same-sex marriage. To build on his impressive electoral success, and especially now the economy is in a better state, he needs to use his second term to prioritise reforms to public services to support those from modest backgrounds and realise his vision of a Big Society, which he is most passionate about.”