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As Britain gloried under clear and warm Spring skies yesterday, David Cameron launched an equally sunny Conservative manifesto, glowing with optimism about our shared potential to build a ‘brighter, more secure future’.

Cameron made it clear that the sunlit national uplands he described were strong because of their underlying social structure – the ‘good deeds and good humour’ of Britain’s families and communities. Arguing that the country thrived when these social institutions thrived, he set out a support package to help ‘people who live within the rules, who do the right thing’ to enjoy the ‘good life’. He made it clear that this was a manifesto that backed aspiration, with policies specifically designed to support those on modest incomes.

This overall theme of optimism is welcome. We have long argued that economic prudence is just one side of the Conservative coin, necessary to secure the foundations of the other – a society in which government gives individuals, families and communities the support they need to flourish, to the benefit of all. This focus on aspiration, and on lower income families, reflects the core message of our first book, Tory Modernisation 2.0, which called for ‘ladders of opportunity for people from modest backgrounds’.

We are particularly pleased to see the 2015 manifesto adopt a number of people-powering policies that we have argued for, including a new fund to support local services and bolster integration in areas affected by high levels of immigration. Our calls for a renewed focus on widening access to the best in education have been reflected in commitments to ensure all children meet minimum standards at end of primary school and, at the other end of the learning journey, to end the cap on the number of places at university and to extend student loans to postgraduates. The strengthened minimum wage we have long advocated will provide real assistance to those working hard to get on, as will the bolstered voluntary living wage.

As we continue to campaign for an optimistic, liberal conservatism why not get involved? Join here to play your part in Bright Blue’s work to shape a future where a secure economy supports, and is in turn supported by, empowered and enriched individuals, families and communities.