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Bright Blue has today launched a new report entitled A manifesto for immigration, recommending about 30 new policy ideas on immigration for the Conservative Party to adopt in its upcoming General Election manifesto.

Bright Blue’s manifesto draws on four priorities for centre-right voters, opinion formers and decision makers that were identified in two earlier papers from its year-long immigration project: that the government competently manages the immigration system, that we build a contributory-based immigration system, that more integration of immigrants is encouraged, and that a balance is achieved whereby government better maximises the benefits and tackles the challenges that immigration brings.

Commenting on the report, co-author and Director of Bright Blue, Ryan Shorthouse said:

“In its upcoming election manifesto, the Conservative Party should offer a plan on immigration which is deliverable, principled and capable of addressing public concerns. The majority of the public want reasonable and achievable policies on immigration from a party of government. So the Conservative Party does not need to pursue mimicry of UKIP or muteness on immigration. Its policies on immigration for a second term need to be firm but fair. That means new measures to ensure immigrants contribute to and integrate in our society. But it also means the UK should be more welcoming and rewarding of those who do contribute significantly.”