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Bright Blue has today published the latest edition of its magazine, Centre Write, on ‘The great migration’.

Director of Bright Blue Ryan Shorthouse said:

“My personal view is that we should remain in the EU: the risk and disruption to our economy – to real people’s lives – is really not worth it.

“But a considerable proportion of the population will have voted to leave in the EU referendum, largely because of the inability to control the number of people migrating to our country. The EU must face reality and learn the lessons of this flirtation with Brexit: the free movement of people is unsustainable in a growing bloc which contains countries with such diverse living standards.

“There needs to be a meaningful review and revision of this antiquated principle to lessen the huge flow of people across Europe, a phenomenon which is unfair to both richer and poorer member states. The stubborn attachment to it is undermining public support for, and ultimately the survival of, the European Union. The British people, I suspect, will not be alone in Europe in calling for changes to freedom of movement in the years ahead.”


Notes to editors:

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