28th December 2014
The Guardian: Rising stars of 2015

24th December 2014
Daily Mail: Call for laws to help grandparents who prop up our families after report reveals quarter now spends time caring for grandchildren

5th December 2014
The Times: Grammar school revival attacked by Gove allies

28th November 2014
The Telegraph: Let working grandparents take their children’s parental leave allowance, says thinktank 

28th November 2014
The Guardian: David Cameron’s immigration speech – as it happened

27th November 2014
BBC News: ‘Conservatives should back votes for 16-year-olds’
The Huffington Post: Ex-Minister urges Cameron to ‘move on’ from immigration after speech
PoliticsHome: Green urges Cameron to modernise
Herald Scotland: MP: teenage vote can counter Ukip threat
Western Morning News: Conservatives urged to give 16-year-olds the vote to counter UKIP

26th November 2014
The Telegraph: The Tories need to win over young people who are ‘relaxed about drugs, sex and alcohol’, says Damian Green

21st November 2014
The Independent: Jubilant Ukip sets its sights on balance of power after Rochester and Strood victory

22nd October 2014
The Telegraph: The Tories can’t woo Ukip voters and ethnic minorities at the same time

20th October 2014
Conservative Home: The Tories cannot forget the Great promise that they made

16th October 2014
Conservative Home: Osborne should cut National Insurance for poorer workers

8th October 2014
The Guardian: How will ‘super diversity’ affect the future of British politics?

2nd October 2014
The Guardian: Tories pledge tax cuts to follow welfare cuts

1st October 2014
Cosmopolitan: Are the Tories dealing with their ‘women problem’?

30th September 2014
New Statesman: Minority retort: the Tories are looking to a future without the Lib Dems
GQ Magazine: How to survive political party conferences
Times Higher Education: Tory conference: ‘Many universities aren’t teaching anybody anything’

29th September 2014
London Evening Standard: Cutting benefits cap ‘will leave London as ghetto for the rich’

25th September 2014
The Independent: Tory modernisers attempt to stop local pacts with Ukip candidates

25th September 2014
New Statesman: Greg Barker: the loyal Cameroon

10th September 2014
Nusery World: Childcare loan scheme could help businesses keep staff

3rd September 2014
London Evening Standard: Matthew d’Ancona: The Tory Right’s antics could ruin Conservative hopes

13 August 2014
New Statesman: Ethnic minorities mean John Major would not win today

8th August 2014
Huffington Post: Nick Clegg In Bold Call For Radical Overhaul Of ‘Utterly Senseless’ Drug Laws

7th August 2014
Times Higher Education: David Willetts’ loan book plan: smart business or half-baked?

16th July 2014
New Statesman: The reshuffle prepared the Tories for battle. But what does Cameron stand for beyond a desire to win?

15th July 2014
The Guardian: Nicky Morgan completes rapid rise to Cameron’s top team

15th July 2014
Progress Online: March of the modernisers

9th July 2014
The Journal: It’s lonely up North, admits Conservative MP Guy Opperman

13th June 2014
The Guardian: Tory Minister says party is performing appallingly among ethnic minorities

11th June 2014
Conservative Home: Chloe Smith MP: The economy. Education. Intergenerational issues. The most important ones for young people.

7th June 2014
Policy Exchange: What should the political parties promise on education in 2015?

2nd June 2014
Progress Online: What is the Tories’ blueprint for winning?

29th May 2014
Progress Online: All change

26th May 2014
The Times: Tories talk of further curbs on immigrants as Ukip gains sink in

22nd May 2014
Times Higher Education: Ukip could ‘challenge the agenda of higher education expansion’

13th May 2014
Progress: The modernisers’ manifesto

8th May 2014
The New Statesman: The Tories’ minorities push has come too late to help them in 2015
The Times Higher Education: Think tank adds to pressure to take students out of net migration figures

6th May 2014
Politics.co.uk: Ethnic minorities soar in number – and they don’t vote Tory

5th May 2014
The Spectator: Why policy wonks love Milton Keynes

30th April 2014
Conservative Home: The economy may be growing, but it still isn’t nearly fixed
Voice of Russia: Modern Conservatives: Has Cameron managed to galvanise the Tories?
The Huffington Post: Simpering Tories Still Have a Bad Smell, Warns Former David Cameron Adviser

29th April 2014
The Huffington Post: Cannabis Legalisation In The UK: Campaigners Welcome Tory Think-Tank’s To Ease Britain’s Drug Law
The Telegraph: Prime Minister must stop fighting ‘futile’ war on drugs
Daily Mail: Time to surrender in the ‘futile’ war on drugs, Tory modernisers tell Cameron in attempt to lift party’s appeal to young voters
Politics.co.uk: Tories urge Cameron to surrender the war on drugs
The Guardian: Labour argument on NHS trusts branded puerile by ex-No 10 adviser

28th April 2014
The Independent: Tory think-tank pushes for easing of cannabis laws to be cornerstone of party’s election manifesto
The Guardian: Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running ‘racist’ campaign

20th April 2014
The Sunday Times: Tory party shortlists ‘need more women’

05th April 2014
The Telegraph: Reassurance – not revolution – is the Tory mantra for 2015

18th March 2014
NurseryWorld: Pupil premium extended to early years as tax-free childcare scheme expands

04th March 2014
Children Young People Now: Better school-to-work links urged

04th March 2014
NurseryWorld: Childcare fees now higher than mortgage, but rise slows

17th February 2014
NurseryWorld: New study shows shortfalls for twos places

08th February 2014
The Economist: A syndical ploy

03rd February 2014
Progress: House of cards

03rd February 2014
The Guardian: Andrew Mitchell urges Tories to engage black and minority ethnic voters

22nd January 2014
ConservativeHome: Nicky Morgan has a point

22nd January 2014
The Telegraph: The real reasons female Tory MPs are quitting Parliament

22nd January 2014
The Telegraph: MPs are useless? Not this time

22nd January 2014
The Telegraph: The politics of hate and the Conservative Party

21st January 2014
Daily Mail: Tories cannot win if we just ‘hate’ everything and everyone, Treasury minister warns

21st January 2014
The Independent: Conservative Party must explain what it ‘actually stands for,’ says rising star

21st January 2014
The Telegraph: Tories need less ‘hate’ to win election, says minister

21st January 2014
The Huffington Post: Tory Message Needs Less ‘Hate’ To Win In 2015, Says Treasury Minister

10th January 2014
The New Statesman: On this week’s New Statesman Podcast: Episode Thirty-One

9th January 2014
The Guardian: Minimum wage should rise but not at the cost of jobs, says George Osborne

8th January 2014
ConservativeHome: The pressure is on for a Minimum Wage rise – but is it the right thing to do?
Financial Times: So you want to increase the minimum wage?

7th January 2014
The Times: Minimum wage rise could be a Tory winner

7th January 2014
The Guardian: Lib Dems accuse Tories of ‘nicking’ party’s policy on low wages

5th January 2014
The Guardian: Conservative party: low politics on the high wire

4th January 2014
The Guardian: ‘We must not pander to Ukip’: moderate Tories challenge drift to right