17th December 2015
Prospect: The top political moments of 2015 

11th December 2015
The Guardian: Preschool education boosts children’s academic success, research finds

30th November 2015
Climate Home: George Osborne: The best barometer for success in Paris?

26th November 2015
The Independent: Autumn Statement: ‘Pain delayed, not scrapped’ in temporary halt to tax credit cuts

18th November 2015
Business Green: Government proposes 2025 deadline for coal power phase out

15th November 2015
Financial Times: Think-tank calls on companies to fund part-time students

19th October 2015
The Independent: Cut child benefit for children who do not attend pre-school, Tory think-tank says

19th October 2015
Nursery World: Link child benefit to take-up of free hours, says think-tank

19th October 2015
The Guardian: No pre-school, no child benefit, Tory thinktank says in report on poverty

9th October 2015
Australian Financial Review: The Brit who taught Scott Morrison tough love

7th October 2015
Prospect: David Cameron’s conference speech: Big on liberal rhetoric, low on policy ideas

7th October 2015
Deutsche Welle: Conservatives stake their claim to the center-ground of British politics

6th October 2015
Times Higher Education: David Willetts: Tory areas are ‘culprits’ if too many people go to university

29th September 2015
BBC: Jeremy Corbyn ‘not the Messiah,’ says Keir Starmer

27th August 2015
The Week: MPs and businesses cross swords over record net migration

27th August 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Drop immigration ‘tens of thousands’ pledge, influential think-tank tells ministers

27th August 2015
The Daily Express: Number of Romanians coming to Britain triples – as EU workers boost migrant totals

26th August 2015
Business Green: Could ‘subsidy-free’ CfDs solve UK’s renewables policy dilemma?

8th July 2015
Times Higher Education: Budget 2015: fees can rise for universities with ‘high-quality teaching’

6th July 2015
The Independent: Budget 2015: George Osborne’s tax credit cuts will ‘affect more than seven million children’

2nd July 2015
City AM: Think tank: Fossil heavy FTSE 100 exposes investors to risks

30th June 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Lord Howard: Tories must do more to protect environment

25th June 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Green Investment Bank on sale for as much as £3bn

25th June 2015
The Guardian: Senior Tories slam government’s Green Investment Bank sell-off

13th June 2015
The Independent: Tories could capture millions of ethnic minority votes if they soften stance on immigration, says study

10th June 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Grandparents could share their children’s parental leave, suggests David Cameron

28th May 2015
The Plymouth Herald: Plan to research value of student sector on Plymouth’s economy

25th May 2015
ConservativeHome: Here is early evidence that the Conservatives are now winning more ethnic minority votes

24th May 2015
The Observer: Tory commentators on how the Conservatives can hold on to power

22nd May 2015
Cambridge News: Cambridge family lawyer urges divorcing parents ‘to think about the impact’ on grandparents

21st May 2015
The Independent: Illegal immigrants’ pay will be seized, pledges David Cameron

17th May 2015
The Observer: David Cameron sets out his stall for first 100 days

10th May 2015
The Observer: Now the Tories are set to govern alone, how different will Britain look in 2020?

10th May 2015
The Independent: David Cameron tries to convince backbenchers he has changed leadership style in attempt to head off rebellions

28th April 2015
Social Market Foundation: Digesting the Labour manifesto (from 11:30)

11th April 2015
ConservativeHome: Could Labour’s days as a national force be numbered?

5th April 2015
The Independent: We cannot expect our MPs to look like Aidan Turner or Lily James, but appearance does count in politics

5th April 2015
The Huffington Post: David Cameron Must Abandon Net Migration Target In Manifesto, Say Modernising Tories

4th April 2015
The Times: Farage planned attack on HIV victims to boost his core vote

24th March 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Meet the woman who should lead the Conservatives after David Cameron – and no it’s not Theresa May

13th March 2015
London School of Economics: The Coalition’s social policy record: policy, spending and outcomes 2010-2015

11th March 2015
The Guardian: Nicky Morgan urges ‘curriculum for life’ to deal with sexting and pornography

11th March 2015
The Daily Mail: Lessons in modern life: Pupils to be taught about how to deal with dangers of sexting, revenge porn and cyber-bullying

11th March 2015
The Daily Mail: Morgan urges ‘curriculum for life’

11th March 2015
Pink News: Nicky Morgan: Sex education forms an ‘important part’ of PSHE

11th March 2015
International Business Times: Nicky Morgan: Schools should teach ‘curriculum for life’ covering sexting and revenge porn

10th March 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Nicky Morgan unveils ‘lessons for life’ for all children

26th February 2015
The Independent: David Cameron: We can still cut immigration to below 100,000 a year

26th February 2015
The Independent: Migration figures: Britons think immigration is good for sport, bad for the NHS but doesn’t really affect them personally, poll finds

26th February 2015
The Independent: Tory immigration pledge ‘failed spectacularly’ as figures show net migration nearly three times as high as David Cameron promised

20th February 2015
Equality and Diversity Forum: Shaping the future of equality, human rights and social justice (from 22:50)

16th February 2015
The Guardian: Tories should look beyond migration cap, says thinktank

15th February
The Guardian: Tax avoiders and hedge funds. The Tories invited them to the party…

29th January 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Foreign voters will decide constituencies for the first time

20th January 2015
The Daily Telegraph: Isle of Purbeck – the only place in Britain where immigration has fallen

19th January 2015
Guardian: Politics live 

19th January 2015
New Statesman: Tory supporters warn the PM against out-Ukipping Ukip on immigration

19th January 2015
The Daily Telegraph: David Cameron should not be tempted to mimic the policies of the UK Independence Party

7th January 2015
Evening Standard: London’s Diary: Johnsons are the new Medicis as Rachel steps up

6th January 2015
The Guardian: Winners and losers from foreign students