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Bright Blue held another lively Education Forum at the Old Starr Pub on Wednesday, with a policy discussion on apprenticeships and the Government’s white paper Educational Excellence Everywhere.

Participants discussed the post-18 options and pathways available for young people with topics ranging from the rise in business apprenticeships and their attractiveness to students, to the need to increase awareness about options and ensure quality placements. Concerns were also raised about the involvement of parents in the Government’s education reforms to make all schools academies by 2020.

Key themes raised by participants, in their own words were:

  • “Need alternative offers”
  • “Broader awareness around Level 2 Apprenticeships and Foundation Degrees”
  • “Need to improve awareness of Post-18 options for both parents and students”
  • “[RE: The Government’s White Paper]: How does the weakening of parental involvement in schools sit with the ‘big society’ agenda? Many concerns about the white paper.”
  • “Business apprenticeships are on the rise”