Ben Ramanauskas

Associate Fellow

Ben Ramanauskas is an economist. He has held numerous academic positions at the University of Oxford where his research has looked at the role of capitalism in society, how complex financial products contributed to the financial crisis of 2007/08, and the causes and impact of recessions.

He has previously worked for a number of different think tanks and has written reports on various topics including housing, automation in the public sector, the national debt, cannabis legalisation, transhumanism, the war in Ukraine, and the economic benefits of immigration.

He was also an adviser to Liz Truss at the Department for International Trade. His role involved advising the Secretary of State on digital trade, technology, AI, advanced manufacturing, defence, and green trade and providing policy advice for the relevant chapters in trade negotiations with the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. He also oversaw the work of the Board of Trade and the negotiations with Singapore on a Digital Economy Agreement.