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A couple of weeks ago we surveyed our members and supporters. The full results will be published next week, but here are the key headlines from what Conservative Party members said. We found that Tory members believe that the Conservative Party can shape its destiny. Cameron & Co should not be worried by Ukip, with only 19% believing that they are the biggest threat to the Conservative Party’s chances of getting a majority in 2015. They should certainly not be worried by Ed Miliband, as 0% thought Labour’s offer might be the main reason for the Conservatives not winning in 2015! The biggest impediment to the Conservatives winning the next election is that not enough people will believe that that Party has good intentions, and that they understand the fears and dreams of the majority.

Over the next year Conservatives need to talk again and again about how this Government’s actions have helped people – try to inspire and convince the electorate that a Conservative government is the best government. Alistair Campbell used to say that your message wouldn’t even begin to get through until you had bored yourself to tears through repetition. In every public appearance Conservative representatives need talk about economic competence, how they have managed to improve public services despite the financial constraints, that the State burden on those on low income has been reduced, and show that Conservatives are comfortable with Britain as it is and are confident about where we are going.

If the Conservatives are the biggest party, but don’t win a majority, members believe the Coalition should be reformed. Despite the occasional frustrations, 48% said that most can be achieved by making a second agreement with the Lib Dems. 32% wanted to try to govern as a minority party, though of course this will also contain frustrations. Only 10% preferred the idea of a Conservative-Ukip coalition, which isn’t surprising considering Ukip’s bleak view of Britain today.

Members believe that the Party should be more confident in promoting a more balanced message on immigration. 68% of Conservative members surveyed said it is essential for business to be able to recruit the best from anywhere in the world; 51% said that immigration enriches us, economically and culturally, with only 20% saying that immigration has harmed our cultural identity. 48% want international students and highly-skilled workers to be exempt from any immigration cap. This reflects the belief that Britain is stronger if we are open to good people coming here, and a sense of confidence that our culture can handle globalisation.

Nick Denys is Head of Digital at Bright Blue. You can follow him on Twitter @betapolitics.