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Last week, Bright Blue had its first local forum on international affairs. It felt such a privilege to have the chance to discuss really important issues of our time while in a very relaxed atmosphere, surely making new friends at the same time. We exchanged ideas as to what we think the role of the UK should be on the international stage, from the experience of Afghanistan to Libya and Syria.

In particular, we pondered on whether Parliament should vote when the Prime Minister wishes to engage the country in a foreign war. Iraq did set a precedent and there was a great discussion about the consequences of this on the role of the Prime Minister, but also on whether or not that diminishes the strength of the UK as a global power.

I think we all left this delicious dinner with an even stronger desire to contribute to these debates in the future. Learning, connecting, and having fun, is what these forums will be about, so please do join us again at 19:00, 24th November, at Cote Brasserie, Devonshire Street, and bring along any friends who have a keen interest in foreign affairs.

To reserve a place at the next forum meeting, email:

Florence de Vesvrotte is Coordinator of Bright Blue’s Diplomacy and Wine Forum