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Bright Blue, calls on the Government to abandon the net migration target, whilst controlling and reducing migration.

Commenting on today’s ONS migration figures, Ryan Shorthouse, Director of Bright Blue, said: 

The Government’s net migration target is a poor and failed policy. It is neither achievable nor desirable. Instead of just virtue signalling that they are tough on immigration, the Government should introduce realistic, effective and popular ways of controlling migration.

“It is absurd that all migrants are lumped together under one target and government wants to significantly reduce every type of migrant. The public clearly have different attitudes to different migrants. Study after study shows they do not want to see further reduction in skilled migrants or international students, for example.

“The Government should abolish the net migration target and introduce new targets – both on gross numbers and the effectiveness of the visa process – for the main different types of migrants: workers, spouses, students, and refugees and asylum applicants.”


Notes to editors:

For further media enquiries, please contact our Communications Manager of Bright Blue, Laura Round, on or 07543759844.