From Global Empire to the Global Race: modern Britishness

James Brenton

December 2014

In the sixth edition of The Progressive Conscience, Bright Blue turns its attention to what Britishness means today, especially after the referendum on Scottish independence. Daniel Hannan MEP is interviewed by our editor and talks about the institutions which define Britain, the Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP discusses the patriotism of the Welsh, and the Rt Hon Damian Green MP argues it’s possible for British and European identities to exist together. Meanwhile, the columnist Peter Hitchens provocatively argues that Britain’s is a culture of decline, not progress. Other contributors include John Redwood MP, George Freeman MP, Alexandra Jones, Professor Tim Bale, Sunder Katwala, Paul Uppal MP, Dr Robert Ford, and many others. Plus, we have a newly expanded Books and Arts section featuring reviews of books, exhibitions, and theatre.

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