Clean environment

Home advantage: a new centre-right vison for housing

Edited by Mikhail Korneev, Ryan Shorthouse and Bartek Staniszewski
April 2023

Greater and greener homes: more home, ready for net zero

James Cullimore
February 2023

Picking up the pieces: tackling littering and fly-tipping in England

Patrick Hall, Rebecca Foster, Joshua Marks and Shrishti Kajaria
November 2022

A carbonless crucible? Forging a UK steel industry

A carbonless crucible? Forging a UK steel industry

Wilf Lytton and Ryan Shorthouse
July 2022

A vision for tax reform in the 2020s

Sam Robinson and Ryan Shorthouse
April 2022

Greening UK Export Finance

Greening UK Export Finance

Igor Shishlov, Philipp Censkowsky, Andrew Lemming and Ryan Shorthouse
April 2022

Fast track? European climate diplomacy after COP26

Edited by Patrick Hall, Ryan Shorthouse and Rebecca Foster
February 2022

In deep water? Mapping the impacts of flooding in the UK since 2007

Helen Jackson
January 2022

Green money: a plan to reform UK carbon pricing

Josh Buckland
July 2021

Nature positive? Public attitudes towards the natural environment

Patrick Hall
July 2021

Toward Green Export Finance? Investigating the views of UK exporting firms towards UKEF

Andrew Leming
February 2021

Driving uptake

Patrick Hall and Ryan Shorthouse
February 2021

Going greener?

Anvar Sarygulov
October 2020

Delivering net zero

Ryan Shorthouse and Patrick Hall
May 2020

High and dry? Preventing tomorrow’s flood ghettos

Helen Jackson
February 2020

Global green giant?

Patrick Hall and William Nicolle
February 2020

Immediate public expectations of and priorities for the Conservative Government

Anvar Sarygulov
January 2020

Emission impossible?

Ryan Shorthouse and William Nicolle
August 2019

Fixing the future: the attitudes of young adults

Anvar Sarygulov
July 2019

Pressure in the pipeline

Wilf Lytton and Ryan Shorthouse
February 2019

Wilf Lytton: Response to the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy

Wilf Lytton
December 2018

Clearing the air

Eamonn Ives and Ryan Shorthouse
October 2018

Conservation Nation

Dr Ben Caldecott and Eamonn Ives
September 2018

Saving global nature

Ben Caldecott, Eamonn Ives and Mark Holmes
June 2018

Hotting up

Philip Box and Sam Hall
May 2018

Public attitudes to UK climate leadership – Ten years since the Climate Change Act

Sam Hall
April 2018

A greener, more pleasant land

Ben Caldecott, Sam Hall & Eamonn Ives
November 2017

Conservatism rejuvenated: appealing to the under 40s

Sam Hall
September 2017

Green conservatives?

Sam Hall
April 2017

The future of London

Ryan Shorthouse and Liam Booth-Smith
September 2016

Better homes

Sam Hall and Ben Caldecott
August 2016

Keeping the lights on

Ben Caldecott
June 2016

Green and responsible conservatism

Ben Caldecott
July 2015

The Modernisers’ Manifesto

Ryan Shorthouse, Kate Maltby and James Brenton
April 2014

Tory modernisation 2.0

Ryan Shorthouse and Guy Stagg
January 2013