Ioana Diac


Ioana Diac is now a Research Executive at Thinks Insight & Strategy.

She graduated with a BA degree in Human, Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 2021. Whilst at university, she was involved in feminist organising and was the Women’s and Non-Binary Representative on her college’s student committee.

Ioana was a Researcher at Bright Blue


ArticlesIoana Diac
December 15, 2022

Ioana Diac: Give all UK residents the right to vote in local elections

ArticlesIoana Diac
November 7, 2022

Ioana Diac: The Government must act to deal with the huge backlog of rape cases

ArticlesIoana Diac
September 5, 2022

Ioana Diac: Government support is needed to avoid a huge increase in indoor burning this winter

ArticlesIoana Diac
July 26, 2022

Ioana Diac: Scrap the UK’s costly and inefficient asylum scheme with Rwanda