John Oxley

Associate Fellow

John Oxley is a political commentator and strategist. He is a regular contributor to popular political magazines, TV and radio, as well as running his own Substack, Joxley Writes. He previously worked as a family law barrister before transitioning to business strategy in the professional services, recycling and telecoms industries. In addition to writing, he provides bespoke strategy and communications advice to SMEs and individuals.


ArticlesJohn Oxley
February 2, 2024

John Oxley: Off-peak Fridays sound fun, but Londoners will end up footing the bill

ArticlesJohn Oxley
January 3, 2024

John Oxley: Reform UK’s Thatcher obsession will alienate voters

ArticlesJohn Oxley
December 13, 2023

John Oxley: Rishi’s Rwanda plan is destined to fail