Sarah Kuszynski


Sarah is a Researcher at Bright Blue. She previously worked for the Pinsker Centre where she focused on middle eastern geopolitics and the promotion of free speech on university campuses. She has various domestic and foreign policy interests, such as environmental, technology and national security policy.

In 2019 Sarah graduated from Durham University with first class honours in Geography and Economics (BA) and in 2020 she graduated with distinction in Geographical Research (MA). From 2022 to 2023 Sarah studied for a Masters in Data Science (MDS) also at Durham University. Her MDS thesis applied machine learning and natural language processing to assess the use of moral rhetoric in UK parliamentary speeches.

Outside of her studies, Sarah was Events Officer for Durham University’s Conservative Association; she also served as President of the Durham Union – Durham’s primary free speech and debating society.

Sarah has co-authored the following reports:


ArticlesSarah Kuszynski
July 15, 2024

Sarah Kuszynski: Why Labour needs a clearer, more long-term China strategy

ArticlesSarah Kuszynski
June 3, 2024

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ArticlesSarah Kuszynski
April 15, 2024

Sarah Kuszynski: Overmedicalisation is harming Generation Z

ArticlesSarah Kuszynski
March 27, 2024

Sarah Kuszynski: The problem with e-mortality