Bright Blue’s Community is a collection of like-minded people inside and outside parliament who will work closely with Bright Blue to shape and promote liberal conservative policies to influence the manifestos of the 2024 general election and beyond.

The Community sits alongside Bright Blue’s 220 Parliamentary Supporters  and our around 1,000 members.

Bright Blue’s Community seeks to ensure the centre-right in the UK prioritises liberal, pro-market, meritocratic, institutionalist and internationalist policies that foster economic, environmental and social responsibility.

The Community comprises policy groups, chaired by an MP, and including members of our Executive Team and Associate Fellows, as well as contributions from our members.

Social Policy

  • Co-Head of Social Policy: The Rt Hon. Robert Buckland MP
  • Co-Head of Social Policy: The Rt Hon. Damian Green MP
  • The Rt Hon. Dame Caroline Dineage MP
  • Lisa Cameron MP
  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Vaizey of Didcot
  • The Lord Bethell
  • Dr Rakib Ehsan, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Isabella Wallersteiner, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Phoebe Arslanagić-Little, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Sarah Kuszynski, Research Assistant, Bright Blue
  • Emily Taylor, Communications Officer, Bright Blue

Economy and Employment Policy

  • Co-Head of Economy and Employment Policy: John Penrose MP
  • Co-Head of Economy and Employment Policy: Damian Collins MP
  • The Rt Hon. Alun Cairns MP
  • The Rt Hon. Chloe Smith MP
  • Chris Clarkson MP
  • John Stevenson MP
  • Stephen Hammond MP
  • Matt Warman MP
  • Baroness Nicky Morgan
  • John Oxley, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Michael Johnson, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Thomas Nurcombe, Researcher, Bright Blue

Energy and Environment Policy

  • Co-Head of Energy and Environment Policy: Peter Aldous MP
  • Co-Head of Energy and Environment Policy: Alexander Stafford MP
  • Simon Fell MP
  • Mark Garnier MP
  • The Lord Lucas
  • Joe Tetlow, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Max Anderson, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Michael Stephens, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • William Prescott, Researcher, Bright Blue

Housing Policy

  • Head of Housing Policy: Ben Everitt MP
  • Bob Blackman MP
  • David Simmonds MP
  • Jane Hunt MP
  • Sally-Ann Hart MP
  • Selaine Saxby MP
  • James Cowling, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Bartek Staniszewski, Senior Researcher, Bright Blue

Education Policy

  • Co-Head of Education Policy: Flick Drummond MP
  • Co-Head of Education Policy: The Rt Hon. Robert Halfon MP
  • Ryan Shorthouse, Executive Chair, Bright Blue
  • David Thomas OBE, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Kieran Cooke, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Ben Gadsby, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue
  • John Cope, Associate Fellow, Bright Blue