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Commenting on the latest ONS figures on personal well-being, Ryan Shorthouse, director of Bright Blue said:

“The UK’s annual survey of personal well-being, rightly introduced by the Coalition Government, shows that an overwhelming and increasing majority of people in this country are generally satisfied with their lives. It exposes a myth propagated by populists on both the Left and Right that our political and economic system has serviced and only benefitted a so-called elite in recent decades.

“The Brexit vote was not a ‘cry of pain’ from the British people and the British people are not living in The Hunger Games. Though we can and need to do more to support a minority of people who are suffering or struggling, its important to say that living in a liberal democracy is wonderful and precious.”


Notes to editors:

For further media enquiries, please contact our Communications Manager of Bright Blue, Laura Round, on or 07543759844.