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Today, Bright Blue, the think tank for liberal conservatism, is announcing that Ryan Shorthouse is stepping down as Chief Executive of Bright Blue after eight and half years leading the organisation. He will step up to become Executive Chair of the organisation in 2023.

Ryan Shorthouse, Chief Executive of Bright Blue, commented:

“Bright Blue is one of the UK’s leading think tanks today because of the talent, generosity and passion of so many people. Together, we have built a small superpower. We’ve published over 100 reports. Raised over £5 million for our work. Employed around 60 people. Hosted nearly 800 events. And, most importantly, seen the adoption of over 50 original Bright Blue policies by the UK Government.

“We make the weather on environment policy in the UK. We have been especially successful in persuading Government to make specific reforms to the immigration system since Brexit. We have ensured that those on modest incomes have benefited from increased opportunities and security – before, during and after the pandemic.

“It’s now time for a new chapter for me and for Bright Blue. It’s time to pass on the powerful and privileged role of CEO I’ve had for eight and half years to someone new. I’ve decided that the organisation needs fresh leadership, vision and energy. It will be an amazing opportunity for my successor to lead this brilliant organisation and team. They will have an unrivalled and unique chance to transform public policy and public attitudes.”

Sarah Sands, Former Chair of Bright Blue, commented:

“Ryan created Bright Blue on the principle that politics needs thought through policies based on imaginative thinking. He is an inspirational figure combining integrity, focus, rigour and kindness and it has been a great pleasure to work with him. I particularly appreciated his work on the green economy and social mobility. Public life needs Bright Blue more than ever and Ryan will hand it over to his successor in great shape.”

Matthew d’Ancona, Former Chair of Bright Blue, commented:

“Very few people have the intellect, ingenuity and determination to create a truly new engine of ideas – but Ryan Shorthouse is one of them. In Bright Blue, he has built a community and a laboratory of independent policy that is now a vibrant part of the think tank landscape. It was a complete privilege to work with him.”

Lord Willetts, former President of Bright Blue, commented:

“There are not many people who have successfully created a think tank from scratch. Ryan is one of them. Bright Blue is now established as an effective and influential voice in policy debates. Ryan can be very proud of what he has achieved over eight years leading Bright Blue.”


Notes to editors:

  • Ryan Shorthouse will remain the Chief Executive of Bright Blue until his successor is appointed and in position, which is likely to be at some point in 2023. The job advert for the new Chief Executive is here.
  • Ryan Shorthouse will step up to become Executive Chair of Bright Blue in 2023.