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Bright Blue’s Drugs policy think forum: high time to legalise cannabis?

Later this year, cannabis will be fully legalised in Canada, following a similar move by Uruguay in 2017. A new report for the French Government has proposed the decriminalisation of all drugs. The international debate around drugs policy is developing rapidly, yet the stance of the UK Government remains unchanged: to reduce the number of people using drugs, and to restrict the supply of drugs into the country.

As other nations and a number of US states change their positions on cannabis, is it time for the UK to think again about our laws on the possession, sale and use of our most commonly used drug? Bright Blue’s first Drugs policy think forum will consider this question in the context of the latest scientific evidence and policy debates from around the world.

Guest speakers will include Ian Birrell, former speechwriter to David Cameron, journalist, and contributor to Bright Blue’s Modernisers’ Manifesto with an essay on the legalisation of drugs.

Bright Blue’s think forums are run by our members and are spaces for those on the centre-right and beyond to come together to hear expert speakers and discuss policy after work at the pub.

Date: Tuesday 20th February, 19:00 – 22:00

Venue: Rose & Crown, Colombo Street, London, SE1 8DP

RSVP: Here