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Bright Blue responds to the Government’s announcement to expand National Development Orders through the use of PDRs and Street Votes.

Bartek Staniszewski, Researcher, commented:

“After Labour’s bold new announcements on housing, the Conservatives have finally come out with a YIMBY vision of their own. At a time when younger people from modest backgrounds struggle to access home ownership, Gove finally, and rightly,  recommitted to 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s. The Secretary for Levelling Up has also commendably committed to the densification and regeneration of city centres. Prioritising this, rather than development outside of already built-up areas, carries a host of advantages, including walkability, sociability, shorter commutes, better access to infrastructure and benefits for the environment.

“This commitment to new development, however, has not come without an appreciation for the need for green homes of appropriate quality. In the midst of renewed controversy surrounding the importance of environmental policy, the Secretary laudably emphasised the importance of climate action and energy efficiency with a promise that the Future Homes Standard will require climate resilient, comfortable homes in the eve of climate change.”


Bright Blue recently called for the expansion of National Development Orders in our report, Greater and greener homes.