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Bright Blue, the independent think tank for liberal conservatism, responds to the Government’s new proposals to prohibit the use of bottom trawling fishing in four of England’s key marine protected areas. 

Responding, Andrew Leming, Researcher at Bright Blue, said:

“The decision to ban bottom trawling in marine protected areas (MPAs) is a really important victory for marine conservation in the UK. We are particularly pleased to see the Government adopt a policy we advocated for last year in our report Global Green Giant? A policy story. Nonetheless, the limitations of the policy change should be emphasised: the ban on bottom trawling will apply within four MPAs in England, accounting for only 5% of the 76 MPAs throughout the UK as a whole. While the ban is a welcome development, the Government must go further in order to align its biodiversity rhetoric with comprehensive action on MPAs.”

Bright Blue proposed a ban on bottom trawling in Global green giant? A policy story.