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As we race towards our net zero target, the Government has made it clear that it will take a technology agnostic approach towards decarbonisation. In this event, we discuss the role of hydrogen in delivering net zero 2050.

  • Are hydrogen solutions to decarbonisation viable at scale?
  • Should hydrogen solutions to climate change be reserved for hard-to-abate sectors, such as aviation?
  • How can the UK foster greater uptake of hydrogen heating in homes, and what are the challenges associated with this?
  • How can carbon capture and storage (CCS) be scaled up for large-scale production of blue hydrogen?

The key speakers are:

  • Peter Aldous MP, Officer, APPG Hydrogen
  • Professor Nilay Shah, Head of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London and Member, Hydrogen Advisory Council
  • Dan Sadler, Vice-President of Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
  • Oonagh O’Grady, Head of Hydrogen Development, SSE Thermal
  • Ryan Shorthouse, Chief Executive, Bright Blue (Chair)


Tuesday 9 November 2021, 11:00 – 12:00




This event is free and open to all on our YouTube channel here. You can RSVP for updates and reminders via Eventbrite here.