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2015 winner Oliver Shore whose essay featured in July 2015’s Centre Write magazine

The Tamworth Prize 2016

The Tamworth Prize is our annual essay competition for young people run by Bright Blue. It is a chance for young people to explain what sort of centre-right Britain needs today.

The Prize is named after the Tamworth Manifesto which Sir Robert Peel published in 1834. The Tamworth Manifesto set out what the Conservative Party would stand for in a changing Britain following the passing of the Great Reform Act two years earlier. Peel promised that as Prime Minister he would combine progressive reform with efficient government, ensuring ‘the firm maintenance of established rights, the correction of proved abuses and the redress of real grievances’. You can read more about The Tamworth Manifesto in Chapter One of our book, The Modernisers’ Manifesto.

The Prize is open to anyone aged 21 or under and the winner will have their entry published in Bright Blue’s magazine, Centre Write, as well as receiving a week’s work experience with us, and a year’s free membership.

To enter, send an essay of up to 1,000 words on the title:

“Friends without benefits: What sort of future relationship should Britain have with the EU?”

Email your entry as a Word document, pdf or .txt file along with your name, contact details, and date of birth. We will consider entries from anyone born on or after 21 October 1994.

The deadline for entries is 5.00pm on Friday 21 October 2016.