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You do not need a ticket. To watch the livestream, simply click here at 12:00pm on Friday. 

Join Bright Blue on Friday afternoon for the next episode of Bright Blue TV on the theme: Can London recover?

The pandemic has brought formerly bustling urban centres across the world to a standstill. The impact on great cities like London has perhaps been more stark than anywhere else. Thousands of Londoners have tragically lost their lives and their livelihoods, just at a time when the Government’s levelling up agenda has sought to divert attention and resources away to other parts of the country. The Prime Minister, a former Mayor of London, is sceptical that the city will be permanently altered by the experience of the virus, but the economic and social upheaval it has caused won’t dissipate overnight. The Greater London Authority is now two decades old, and with London Assembly and City Hall elections coming up next month, competing visions for how the city should be run and Londoners should live and work have come to the fore. As we emerge from lockdown and life begins to return to the capital’s streets, will the pandemic prove to be a turning point in its long history?

Bright Blue TV is hosted by Chief Executive of Bright Blue, Ryan Shorthouse. In this episode he will be joined by journalist and author, Jonn Elledge, economist and business consultant, Vicky Pryce, and Leader of the Camden Conservatives, Cllr Oliver Cooper.

You do not need a ticket. To watch the livestream, simply click here at 12:00pm on Friday. Submit questions before or during the event via Slido here.