Isabella Wallersteiner

Associate Fellow

Isabella Wallersteiner is an Associate Fellow at Bright Blue.

Bella has a wealth of experience in policy research and currently works in BCW’s corporate and public affairs team. Prior to this, Bella worked for a strategic communications firm, where she helped private equity clients navigate political and regulatory risks and opportunities. Before working in consultancy, Bella worked in Parliament, where she was a Senior Parliamentary Assistant for a Conservative MP, managing a MPs office during Covid and Brexit negotiations. Outside of work, Bella is a keen writer and political commentator, publishing articles for the Telegraph and Conservative Home.


ArticlesIsabella Wallersteiner
March 24, 2024

Isabella Wallersteiner: I used to be unequivocally pro-multiculturalism. How naive I was

Centre WriteForeignIsabella WallersteinerLaw & JusticePolitics
March 15, 2024

Isabella Wallersteiner: Defending Reality – Why Asserting Biological Truths is Essential to Women’s Grassroots Sport

In the world of sports, where milliseconds and millimetres often separate champions from contenders, fairness is everything. This is a point that has largely been lost on politicians gripped by…
Centre WriteForeignIsabella WallersteinerLaw & JusticePolitics
March 6, 2024

Isabella Wallersteiner: The Prime Minister’s speech on antisemitism and extremism: will actions match rhetoric?

On Friday evening, the Prime Minister made a striking statement outside No. 10, likening Islamists and the far-right as "two sides of the same extremist coin" who harbour a mutual…
Centre WriteForeignIsabella WallersteinerLaw & JusticePolitics
January 22, 2024

Isabella Wallersteiner: Faith in Education: Navigating the Controversy Surrounding Religion in UK Schools

In today's diverse and multicultural society, the question of whether religion should be a part of the educational system continues to spark debates. The recent High Court challenge against Michaela…