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After two and a half years outside the EU, the debate remains over whether Brexit has been as liberating as many had hoped for. 

Proponents point to the speed of our Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Critics cite the bottlenecks and red-tape in UK supply chains. 

It’s not just Remainers who are frustrated. There is also disappointment from Brexiteers that the UK Government has been too timid with its new-found freedoms. Conservative leadership candidates have promised a “red-tape bonfire” to finally free UK businesses from the EU’s legacy.

Can Brexit still be a success, by diverging further away from EU rules and regulations, or by re-setting the partnership for renewed economic convergence and strategic cooperation?  

This episode of Bright Blue TV will see Director of The UK in a Changing Europe, Anand Menon, Director of Labour for a People’s Vote, Mike Buckley, and Financial Columnist for The Daily Telegraph, Matthew Lynn, discuss the impact and future of Brexit with Bright Blue’s Senior Communications Officer, Max Anderson, as host.


Wednesday 23rd August 2022, 13:30pm – 14:00pm


Attendees can submit questions, before or during the event, via Slido here or by using the code: #bbtv


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