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For hundreds of years, the Conservative Party has been a successful – sometimes uneasy – coalition of different strands of conservatism. Five Prime Ministers have come and gone in the space of just six years, bringing with them differing visions of conservatism. In recent years, both libertarians and communitarians have both been in charge of the Conservative Government.

Under the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, what strand of conservative thought will be most likely to tackle the economic and geopolitical uncertainties we face, and deliver another electoral victory?

This episode of Bright Blue TV will see the UK Director of More in Common UK, Luke Tryl, Deputy Editor of ConservativeHome, Henry Hill, and Deputy Editor of CapX, Alys Denby, discuss ‘The future of conservatism’ with Bright Blue’s Researcher, Ioana Diac, as host.


Thursday 10th November 2022, 15:00pm – 15:30pm.


Attendees can submit questions, before or during the event, via Slido here or by using the code: #bbtv.


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