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You can watch the recording here.

Join Bright Blue’s digital panel ‘Reaching net zero? Public opinion on eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050’.

Last month, Bright Blue published a major report examining public attitudes towards the credibility of, responsibility for and policies on the net zero emissions 2050 target. Though the UK public has become much more concerned about climate change, it has previously been unclear to what extent it will accept the various behavioural changes and public policies necessary to tackle it. While the Government has made a legal commitment to reach the net zero target, this will require significant shifts in how individuals and organisations behave, while entire sectors of the economy will need to undergo a transformation. It is essential for politicians and policymakers to understand how knowledgeable and supportive the public are about the big changes required to achieve deeper decarbonisation in the years ahead, especially in the supply of and demand for energy.

  • The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth
  • Anvar Sarygulov, Senior Research Fellow, Bright Blue
  • Richard Howard, Research Director, Aurora Energy Research Limited
  • Megan Trethewey, Head of Programmes, Conservative Environment Network
  • Dr David Reiner, Senior University Lecturer in Technology Policy, Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Dr Tony Balance, Chief Regulation Office, Cadent Gas
  • Emma Gatten, Environment Editor, The Telegraph (Chair)