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You do not need a ticket. To watch the livestream, simply click here at 16:00pm on Tuesday. 

Last year, the Owen Paterson lobbying scandal dominated the front pages, as Boris Johnson failed to rewrite the parliamentary standards rulebook to spare the North Shropshire MP a brief suspension. The scandal precipitated a wave of sleaze allegations over the propriety of lucrative second jobs. Fast-forward to 2022 and front pages are once again awash with scandal, this time looking at the Prime Minister himself and allegations of illicit wallpaper and illegal parties. As the list of scandals grows, many are questioning the motivations of MPs; whether they are trying to help their constituents or just themselves. However, there is another side to the story. Last year also saw the horrific killing of the beloved local MP Sir David Amess. Tributes poured in for the humble and dedicated backbencher, and questions were again raised about the abuse and threats MPs are too often forced to endure, so soon after the murder of Jo Cox in 2016. BAME and women MPs have been particularly vocal about the disgusting correspondence their offices receive, and the Speaker, Sir Lindsey Hoyle, says this is only the “tip of the iceberg”. With all this risk and hatred online, are we dissuading the ‘right’ people from considering a career in Parliament, while we are stuck with the ‘wrong’ ones?

This episode of Bright Blue TV is hosted by Communications Manager of Bright Blue, Joseph Silke. In this episode, he will be joined by former Leader of Change UK and Conservative MP, Heidi Allen, Chief Political Commentator for The Independent, John Rentoul, and co-Director of the Mile End Institute, QMUL and Deputy Director of UK in a Changing Europe, Tim Bale.

You do not need a ticket. To watch the livestream, simply click here at 16:00pm on Tuesday. Submit questions before or during the event via Slido here.